Professional Photographer


I have been taking pictures since my grandfather and grandmother gave me a Kodak camera when I was 9. We were on our way to a summerhouse in the south of Iceland and they bougth 2 Kodaks, One for me and one for my cousin. There were many pictures taken that trip and that summer.
Later on I startet having more interest in digital photography. I got my first digital camera, which was a Kodak as well, in 2004. A Kodak DX3215, I can’t say much about that camera. The only joy I got out of using that are the pictures I have of my kids today hehe. Later on I started using Canon. But today I only shoot with Sony. The A7 line is what fits me the best today.
My favourite moments these days are when I am somewhere out in nature, walking around for hours and shooting. Iceland is an amazing country and you can shoot the same place again and again because the light is almost never the same when you are there.